Wet Blue

Cow Wet Blue is a high-quality leather that is used in the production of a wide range of products such as shoes, bags, belts, and garments. Italy, known for its rich tradition in leather craftsmanship, is one of the leading producers of Cow Wet Blue in Europe.

The production process of Cow Wet Blue in Italy involves several stages. Firstly, the raw cow hides are sourced from local farms or imported from other countries. These hides are then treated with chemicals to remove hair, flesh, and other impurities. Next, the hides are tanned using chromium salts to preserve the leather and give it a soft and supple texture. This process is known as chrome tanning and is commonly used in the production of Cow Wet Blue leather.

After tanning, the hides are dyed using various colors to achieve the desired finish. The leather is then treated with oils and waxes to enhance its durability and water resistance. Finally, the Cow Wet Blue leather is graded based on its quality and thickness before being sold to manufacturers for further processing.

In Italy, the buying and selling of Cow Wet Blue leather is a thriving business. There are specialized leather markets and trade shows where buyers and sellers come together to negotiate deals and make transactions. The price of Cow Wet Blue leather fluctuates depending on various factors such as quality, thickness, and market demand.

The export price of Cow Wet Blue leather from Italy varies depending on the destination country and the quantity being exported. Italy exports Cow Wet Blue leather to countries in Europe, Asia, and North America, where it is used by manufacturers to produce high-end leather products.

Overall, Cow Wet Blue production in Italy is a lucrative industry that contributes significantly to the country's economy. With its rich heritage in leather craftsmanship and expertise in tanning and processing techniques, Italy continues to be a key player in the global leather market.

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